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Butterflies over Flowers Hand Painted Slip-on Canvas Shoes

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Butterflies over Flowers Hand Painted Slip-on Canvas Shoes

Notice: We can custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes if you provide the pattern!

To the Tune of Butterflies Lingering over Flowers
Butterflies Lingering over Flowers
While I lean against the banister of a tall tower,
The breeze gently blows.
As I look into the distance,
The end of Spring arouses melancholy in my mind.
Surrounded by dewy grass at sunset,
I wonder who is able to understand my longing.
I would rather drink to intoxication.
One should sing when one has wine in hand,
But drinking to escape offers no reprieve.
I do not mind that my clothes are getting looser.
My lover is worthy of desire.
The flowes are a faded red
And green apricots are small .
Circle the house girt by blue water .
The willow catkins have mostly blown away in the wind .
Fragrant patches of grass can be found everywhere like mint .
Swings within the garden wall and footpaths without . Passers-by taking the footpaths
Hear laughter from fair ladies on the other side But the laughter dies away and and voices are still .
Too mush feeling be bothered by the unfleeling will
Elements: Butterfly, Gradation, Petal, Chinoiserie

Painter paints on shoes in solid color by hand with using special pigment. The design can be everything like anime, drawing of real person, landscape, plants, characters, etc. Hand painted shoes are not only artwork, but also of practical use.

Water proof pigment is used on all shoes of My store, so you can wash the shoes, but please DO NOT brush the paint heavily or use any bleach, washing machine is not allowed

  • About the Paints:
  • Our designers paint with Acrylic paints. These types of paint eliminate the need for turpentine and gesso, and can be applied directly onto canvas. More than anything, this kind of paint can be waterproof, permanent, light-fast.
  • FAQ:
  • Q: Are your hand painted shoes durable?
  • A: Yep, our designers use the special paint that is both durable and flexible on each pair of shoes. That is the Acrylic paints. This kind of paint is proven to guarantee the longevity of the artwork. Besides, you don't have to worry about your freshness melting away when it rains, it is definitely waterproof. >>See More FAQ >>>>
  • We Free shipping to worldwide
  • Process Time: 5-7 working days
  • Shipping time: 3-7 working days
  • Rush order: The total processing time will be shorten 5 days ahead of time.>>>More About Shipping>>>>

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